does your child have problems hearing

does your child have problems hearing

Making Your First Album

Evan Barnett

Making your first musical album is an exciting process, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. While you're working, there are a few things that you can add to the journey to make your album more successful. 

Find Your Aesthetic

If you listen to the discographies of many successful musicians, you may notice that the first album was choppy or different from later work. That's a good indicator that the musician hadn't found their unique sound yet. Even when you're starting out, you can benefit from thinking about what makes you stand out as a musician, and make sure that all of your first album's songs match that mold. 

Pace Yourself

There are few things more nerve-racking than working on that first album when you know you have something great to share. But know that it's okay for the process to take even a year; this is quite normal. During this time, pace yourself to keep working and refining your songs rather than hurrying to push them out more quickly. 

Hype It Up

Marketing is a lot of what makes musicians successful. As a beginning musician with nothing to show for yourself, you may be reluctant to start marketing. But this can be something casual, such as talking with people you meet about how excited you are for your project. You may start social media pages and release your music little by little. The point is to get the word out there somehow. 

Get Feedback

Asking for help is painful for artists of all stages. Music is such a personal process, but it's wise to get some feedback from other musicians or writers. If you're the only one who sees your work before the album is released, you may be missing a blatantly obvious way to improve your album. 

Spring for a Recording Studio

If you are serious about making music, do set aside the money to get a professional recording studio. The album will stay on your "record" for life, so if you have poor quality audio on your early tracks, your fans won't thank you down the road. If you can't afford this on your own, you might want to consider crowdfunding or asking friends and family to help. If you have questions about what a recording studio can offer, get in touch with someone at a studio like Poll Sound.

While your album can never be perfect or completely finished, the ideas above can help you start thinking about your own process and where you want to go from here. Hopefully there will be some fun along the way, too. 


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does your child have problems hearing

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